Morello film
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Morello film

New modern film business in need of logo design


Client brief:
In need of a logo for a film and photography business. Something simple and clean but catchy.

I am starting new film and photography that will offer a variety
of film & photography for primarily real estate, wedding and business
advertising but is not limited these areas. Morello Film is a new age style
of media that offers a younger more modern style to it’s films and

Any business, real estate agency or engaged couples.
Design Specifics: Something very simple and clean e.g Morello Film in a
clean and smart font, probably just in black, maybe something done with one
of the beginning letters e.g. the ‘F’ or ‘M’ on a slight angle or in
another font. A small logo to go with ‘Morello Film’ maybe a couple of
shapes/lines joined together or even an element of a camera e.g aperture
ring/lens if it doesn’t look too tacky and cliche or some kind of simple
shape/line design incorporated into the wording.