sounder psychotherapy
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sounder psychotherapy

Logo design for solo psychotherapy practice.


Design brief:

The client need a logo design for private psychotherapy practice called “Sounder Psychotherapy”.
Sounder refers to a “device used to ascertain depth” and in this case refers to exploring psychological depths.
The client like to emphasize her many years (18) of experience as a therapist. Also would like to represent (if possible)  specializations in:

1) Couples/marital therapy (getting the intimacy couples want-emotional/sexual);

2) Assisting young adults/college students with challenges of transitioning to adulthood (defining who they are and what they want to do) and

3) Treating anxiety disorders (empowering clients to master fear). I’d like to see themes congruent with the natural environment I live and practice in specifically: Ocean, lush green forest and/or mountains.


The final design should communicate feeling seen/understood and change/personal growth.