Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

  • 50% upfront payment is needed before this project starts and the remaining 50% on completion.


  • I tend to seek full payment upfront due to the fragile and precarious nature of releasing and showing unique ideas prior to being paid. If you are happy to pay the full amount, please let me know.


  • Final payment ensures that ONLY the agreed logo design becomes the clients property. Any previous ideas/concepts remain the property of anonrotide, unless any prior agreement has been made.


  • If final payment is NOT received as agreed and set out in the initial proposal, all designs and concepts will remain the property of anonrotide until payment is received.


  • Digital files and corresponding artwork and copyright transfer will only be released on the day the client approved the design.


  • All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, including the electronic files used to create the project remain the property of anonrotide. The final artwork/digital files will become the property of the client mentioned in this proposal ONLY upon final payment of the project.


  • anonrotide reserves the right to show any artwork, ideas, sketches created for this project in a portfolio as examples of client work. This can be during the project and also on completion. If you have any specific ‘secrecy/stealth mode’ requirements, please mention this before agreeing to the proposal.


  • Should the client attempt to use/modify/alter/replicate or steal any of my ideas without making agreed final payment, I will take immediate legal counsel.